OUr New Age of Real Estate 


Is it just me…or do things in real estate seem strange right now? It feels a lot like my old days in travel - where I felt a "change" coming, but couldn't quite describe it...other than it was uncomfortable.

What’s worked for most Agents in the past is now much harder. The low-interest rates and buyer demand are gone, and most of us are seeing our market share changing (or dropping).

This group helps Agents build their business through increased "relevancy" in the modern marketplace. We collaborate with each other on the best ways to get at least 1 additional closing per month.

Many of us feel that our influence in the business is diminishing. There is so much "noise" and "message pollution" in today’s world it’s hard for our clients or any of us to sift through it all.

It sometimes seems like it takes 2X the effort to stand out and get the same results we used to have. And every time we turn around or get online there is some new talking point, new AI, or new way of someone or something communicating with our clients.

The way people are making decisions on who they use for real estate is also quickly changing. It used to be who you "know, like, and trust". Now it feels like it's who can get the most online attention. Instead of sales experience and a history in the business, people are drawn to social media status and "look at me".

What many of us are feeling is that if we don't evolve and protect our business with new strategies, it’s going to be hard to grow or maintain the deal flow we are used to.

My name is Alei Merrill and welcome to my community. (No marketing company or VA answering your posts here.) Every response is directly from me. This group is like-minded real estate Agents (at any experience level) who help each other on any variety of real estate topics, such as how to stay up on today's reality and build our client lists.

We focus on what’s working best in the 2023 market so we can sustain our business for years to come.

I’ve been in real estate for 18 years and a multi-year “Top 1% in the U.S.” Agent, along with WSJ1000 and RealTrends Rankings. I’ve spoken on stage at INMAN Luxury Connect and Luxury Real Estate to name a few.

You can learn more about me at 

What we want for you is increased influence in your client’s eyes. The conversations here are different. After 500+ transactions, I consider myself an expert in the field. This is NOT real estate training as usual (where we talk about how to work “harder” or “get up earlier” or “time block better”. We only focus on actions that fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

The market has CHANGED! Let’s talk about the exact steps to thrive in 2023.

Who does this work for?

Anyone who identifies themselves as an Entrepreneur or Business Owner and is looking for a better way to run their operations, make sales, and create long-term growth. If you sell a product, or provide a service to another person, this will work for you. 

Where do I start?

Over 95% of our participants start with “Baseline”. This program teaches the foundations of our core learning, including the Nine Ambitions - our proprietary business-growth system. This on-demand instruction starts the journey of understanding your unique value and implementing operational frameworks into your business. This allows you to gain momentum and build to higher levels of success.

Take THIS SURVEY to learn which program to start with. 

What are the programs?

There are 3 levels (depending on your experience):

BASELINE – Watch trainings, implement the content and resources, and start building the correct structure of your business. Ask questions and get supported on demand. Program access is open for 90 days. The education will last a lifetime. 

GROW SALES – Watch trainings, implement the content and resources, and work 1:1 with a dedicated trainer. Live coaching calls and involvement in a community of other Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. The program is 6 weeks long. 

HIGH PERFORMANCE – Build skills in our proprietary "Interactive Virtual Training" app to fine-tune your business performance through real-word simulations. Deeper studies into behavioral science methodologies and specific selling methods for your industry. Work with a master coach and be involved in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and invitation-only events. The program is a 12-month membership and requires completion of "Grow Sales". 

Why does it exist?

We have seen the transformational benefits after working with hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners - just like you. People who have incredible vision and work ethic, yet are challenged with knowing which systems, timelines, and methods produce the highest results. Our programs focus on your unique abilities and how to best incorporate them into effective, business-building processes. The Nine Ambitions are a system that apply to any size business, no matter how many employees, years in business, or revenue. 

When will I see noticeable results?

You will experience improved clarity right away and realize insights into new outlooks. You will learn what motivates you at the deepest level. You will know how to best frame your life to maximize your unique skillsets. 

Most participants start seeing noticeable results throughout the training, as they acquire new skills and knowledge that can immediately be applied to their business. Many will use what they have learned at their very next customer or client interaction. 

What are the long-term benefits?

Advancement of your entrepreneurial journey through a modern approach that is guaranteed to grow your business and increase sales. You will develop new operating systems, communication methods, and frameworks that foster massive gains in your personal and business life.

Take THIS SURVEY to learn which program to start with.

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